Pyhtää in a nutshell

Pyhtää is one of the oldest municipalities in Finland, approaching the 700-year milestone. Perhaps its age and everything Pyhtää has gone through combined with modern management as well as wisdom and ability to cooperate has in turn made the medieval municipality modern and full of vitality and energy. Pyhtää is always ready for new challenges and obstacles will not make it give up.

The founding year of the municipality of Pyhtää is considered to be 1347 as then the name of the municipality was first mentioned in official documents. The municipality covers an area of ​​780 km2, of which 325 km2 is land area, the sea takes about 446 km2 and inland waters employ about 9 km2. The population of Pyhtää is over 5000 people. The Swedish-speaking population amounts up to about 8%, so Pyhtää can be considered the easternmost bilingual municipality of the country.

About 63% of the residents of the municipality are employed in the service sector and about 27% of employment provide timber and construction industry. Agriculture and forestry employ 10% of the population. Many residents of Pyhtää commute to work in the nearby town of Kotka.

The twin municipalities of Pyhtää are Haljala in Estonia as well as Nacka in Sweden.